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Lactation Support

Nursing - Combo-feeding - Weaning - Adjusting Supply

As a Certified Lactation Educator, one of my passions is giving families the support they deserve to achieve their feeding goals. Nursing is HARD, and there is a huge learning curve both for parents and babies. Using your body to feed your baby may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but for many it takes a lot more than expected. By providing both hands-on and informational support, we can work together to figure out what strategies work best for your family, and set you and your baby up for success! 

In-person session:

Hands on feeding support to assist with planning, latching, milk supply, etc. We will address your major concerns, support with latching in-the-moment, and answer any and all nursing questions. Afterwards I will provide you with resources, referrals to other professionals outside of my scope, and a written plan of what we discussed.

Fee: $200.00 due at time of service

Online session:

Personal video call to address your concerns as well as provide general infant-feeding information. Usually consists of a mini feeding course, and Q&A session tailored to your personal needs. Happy to provide online support prenatally as well as postpartum.

Fee: $150.00 due at time of service

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