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Nature Background

Prenatal Support:

- Two in person prenatal visits

- 24hr call/text support from the time of hire

- Creation of birth plan

- Hands on practice of comfort measures and labor positions

- Postpartum planning

- Education + preparation for partner or other support people 

- Childbirth Education 

- Lactation preparation + education

- Newborn and infant care mini-course

Birth Presence:

- Full birth support from your first call until up to two hours after birth

- hands on support and comfort measures

- Labor coaching and emotional support throughout labor and early postpartum

- Advocacy for your choices

- Help and suggestions for partners 

- Nursing/infant feeding assistance

Postpartum Support:

- Two in person postpartum visits, up to 4 hours each 

- 24hr call/text support 

- Lactation support

- Connection to resources outside my scope

- Emotional support for birthing and non birthing parent

- Help with setting up support systems, and maintaining boundaries 

- Grocery shopping

- Assistance with household tasks (cleaning, laundry, cooking)

Infant care troubleshooting zoom calls upon demand for baby's first 12 months


Birth support, childbirth education, infant care education, lactation assistance, and postpartum doula care, all in one!

Doula FAQ...

Is a doula the same as a midwife?

- Nope! Midwives are medical professionals that handle your prenatal, birth, and postpartum medical care such as blood tests, ultrasounds, and delivering your baby!

As a doula, I handle system navigation, emotional, physical, and informational support, but do not perform medical tasks. 

Can you help me choose a birth location/team?

- Yes! I am familiar with most birth locations and teams in settle and surrounding areas, and love helping people decide if hospital, birth center, or home birth is right for them.

Do your services replace a full childbirth education course?

- My prenatal include childbirth education, but the course is condensed into a few hours! If you've done this before, or feel like you have a pretty good handle on birth processes, my prenatal mini-courses may be all you need as they are a great overview on the big things we need to know about birth and postpartum! For first time parents, I always suggest getting as much CBE as possible, and finding a longer course really suited to the type of birth you want.

Do you offer alternative payment plan offers?

- I offer payment plans and reduced rates on a case by case basis, please read out regardless of your financial circumstance, I am happy to help when I can, and when I can't I am happy to help you find someone who can.

Are there any types of births you do not take?

- Though I support everyones informed choices, I currently do not take on clients hoping for freebirth/unassisted deliveries. If this is you I am happy to connect you to folks who do attend this type of birth and am happy to pass along names.

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