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As a Doula...
I feel so honored to be included in any parent's journeys, and believe that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are some of the hardest and most special times in human life. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with childbirth, and after completing my birth doula training with Bastyr, completely fell in love with the world of birth work. I am also a Certified Lactation Educator, have a BA in Psychology from the University of Washington, and am trained as a Childbirth Educator with Birthing Advocacy. In my infant nanny days, I have spent years discussing the transition to parenthood, and helping parents make the choices that are right for them. I have been witness to this huge life transformation many times, and have seen how amazing birth and postpartum can be when supported in the way it always should be. No family is the same, and every birthing person deserves to feel supported and informed in their decisions, no matter what they are. As a support person, I advocate for your choices, as well as providing emotional and physical support. I like to think I am the perfect middle ground of birthworkers, loving the primal nature of unmedicated birth as well as the powerful autonomy of accepting the interventions YOU want. I absolutely love supporting home birth, birth center births, and helping people achieve low-intervention births in-hospital. However, I love planned epidurals, navigating cesarean choices, and elective inductions just as much! And I will fight just as hard to get you your dream epidural as I would to avoid an unwanted intervention. Through this process together, we will talk about the serious topics, and go through life changing moments. And when the serious things are all said and done, we leave room for humor, joking about the gut punch of a tiny foot to your ribcage, and the impressive projectile of newborn poos...

When I'm not doula-ing...
You can find me going to drop-in dance classes around the city, crocheting the same hat for the 100th time, or watching Schitt's Creek with my parter, Madison. I spend many hours per listening to birth stories,  or reading the newest articles on Evidence Based Birth, and LOVE the unsolicited birth stories when I tell someone what I do for work. Coffee is a very important part of my daily routine, and I am a regular at many coffee shops around Seattle (and I'll never turn down an opportunity for a croissant). Spending time with friends and ex-clients, and getting to know other birth workers in the area is another favorite way to spend my time. It is a core belief of mine that we have lost a sense of community, and I spend much of my free time re-knitting the communal fabric around myself and those around me.
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